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We'areBinoj & Binoy

Passionate Musicians

TheBB Audios. Sound Recoding Studio. Music Programmers. Sound Enginners. Professional Live Sound Peole. Sound Mixing and Mastering

We started our Music journey in the year 1989 as Church Choir Keyboardists. Later on we upgraded to professional sound equipments and started our experiments to bring out the best music experience

In the year 2005 we started BB Recording Studio and had completed more than 2000 music projects and the journy continues..

What We do?

Music Production

We do the music programming, mixing and mastering.


Exclusive for own house productions

Live Sound

We provide the professional sound system for indoor and ourdoor programms.


Best quality sound recoring studio

Sound Mixing

Come and expierience our sound mixing skills.


We are the Masters in Mastering.

Our Journey

Church Choir



We started our journy as Church Choir Keyboardists.

Sound System.


Sound Engineering

Understating the vital role of proffesional sound engineering in music we grabbed the best sound system for our programms.

Recording Studio


Professional Musicians

With immense love to music we jumbed into the ocean of music. Music Programming, Mixing & Mastering

Our Latest Projects

വരവായി വരവായി പൊന്നുണ്ണി വരവായി

നിലാവ് - Christmas Song 2019

Church Choir

Ganamela Sound System

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